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Client: Dell  "Center For Selfie Improvement"

Some one-handed content for the ultra-discerning teen audience. 


Over two million hits in two months.

Client: Dell  "Five-Second Filmmaker"


More back-to-school content for teens. What do you call a 15-second film? A trilogy.


So to make the act of drinking more entertaining and memorable, we created the Drink Up Fountain, a unique experience where unsuspecting drinkers get a whole lot more than a thirst-quenching sip. Using lip-activated technology, every drinker completes a circuit when their mouth contacts the stream, activating pre-recorded audio about the wonders and benefits of drinking water. The more people drink, the more content they get, a little bit of water wisdom in addition to the added hydration.

Client: MTV 

​"Whose permission would you need to get married to the person you love?"

Part of MTV's Campaign to promote the vote for equal marrying rights.

Client: ANA (All Nippon Airways)

There is a Japan not found on a map. One where the traditions of Japanese hospitality soar to the highest levels of comfort. Where 5-Star service meets world-class taste and a modern adventure unfolds before you even arrive. This is Japan Elevated.


Drink Up is the First Lady’s national water-drinking initiative. It’s mission: get more people to drink more water more often.

To demonstrate the power of water, we got R&B star Ashanti to create a dehydrated song. See how water brings it to life.

Client: UNCF "The Future Gets An IPO"

What if the future of kids was a stock you could invest in?

In this new campaign for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), we took the rhetoric of “investing in education” and “the students are the future” beyond politician soundbites and created an actual stock that could make an impact..More specifically, a “stock for social change” called Better Futures. (BFTR) Instead of simply donating money, you actually buy shares in the future. And the return on investment– your dividend– are the students themselves. With this campaign, we aim to transform the traditional concept of investing to get rich to investing for a return that’s greater than money. Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste– but a wonderful thing to invest in.

Client: Dell Case Study "The Velocity Project"

As the IT backbone for the Caterham Formula One Team, Dell is the number-crunching powerhouse that turns data into 220 MPH. But instead of the typical case study video highlighting Dell’s storage solutions, we designed a hands-on experience that puts the user in the role of F1 IT guy. It’s how data makes fast go faster.

Client: Jardiance “Unobituary”

Most people with type 2 diabetes die of a cardiovascular-related event. Jardiance was a type 2 diabetes medication well known for lowering one’s blood sugar, but not known for its new indication for lowering the risk of dying from a CV event. “Unobituary” pulls viewers in by using the well-recognized format of the obituary to showcase the new, life-saving benefit of  Jardiance.

Client: Cyramza “Planimation”

In gastric cancer, many physicians use first-line treatments that eliminate the option of using certain second-line treatments like Cyramza. To emphasize the importance of proper planning from the outset, we created a short film and animation that draws the surprising parallels beween animators and oncologists who share this common bond of needing to plan many steps ahead in order to achieve success.


Client: Cyramza “Mission Control”

Cyramza patients are full of grit and determination so they’ll do whatever it takes to fight their cancer if it returns. Unfortunately, some physicians don’t appreciate the incremental, clinical benefit that Cyramza can deliver to extend life. This virtual-reality experience personalizes the patient benefit by putting physicians in their patients’ shoes to magnify the importance of doing all they can do for their patients.

Client: OPTUM

How do you do a new kind of health care campaign?

Don’t treat it like health care. In these spots, shot by the Malloys, we gave people working in health care the hero treatment, portraying them as can-do ass-kickers, the way same way Nike or Under Armour show athletes. The result is an energetic campaign that is helping to reframe the conversation around health care in America.

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