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Client: Once Upon A Coconut | Can & Street Art Design

Client: P.S. Condoms | Branding & Packaging design

Client: Coca Cola Asia | Can/Bottle & Poster Design

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100 Coconuts Website Design

100 Coconuts Special Edition

Can collaboration with Karim Rashid

Client: 100 Coconut Water  | | Branding & Product development 

Client: CanBeDone | Branding & Packaging design

Client: Naboso | Branding & Packaging design


In 2015, I created and founded WINGMATE a men’s fashion accessory and lifestyle

brand. Our initial product, The Perfect Collar, is representative of a future suite of fashion accessory and home products that cater to men who seek a sharp, sleek, elegant, masculine

and professional image. WINGMATE products can be trusted as both functional and aesthetic.

Client: Sotheby's | Branding & Teaser for art exhibition

Client: TIDE

I designed a whole new typeface which was made entirely out of authentic cheese, ketchup and soy sauce.  






Client: NIKE | Shoe box design for Nike running 







Client: Stolichnaya | Print & OOH campaign





Client: American Academy Of Dermatology | Campaign against skin cancer

Client: NoDoz® Alertness Aid Caffeine Caplets

Client: NESTLE "Energy Bar"

Client: Coca Cola Asia | Packaging and Poster design for the Sommer Beach Edition. 






Client:  UNICEF "The Chair Project"

I've designed these chairs for UNICEF Germany. For every chair purchased a percentage of the sales will be donated to the country the person is related to. For example, if you would purchase the Nelson Mandela chair, a percentage of the sold chair will be donated to UNICEF South Africa. Waiting for funding approval but planning to be in production by end of 2017.





Client: Young & Rubicam | Worldwide Brand Book

Client: Fitness Compnany Germany | Outdoor campaign for the largest fitness chain in Germany






Client: QANTAS Germany | Outdoor campaign for Qantas in Germany.

Instead of spending expensive outdoor media we decided to place stickers all over Germany's manhole covers. Because Australia is on the other side of the world. 





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